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Leaves swing traces after hitting the ball, allowing effective analysis of where the club lands.
Durable and easy to clean: Durable and shows no signs of wear after many uses, can be used instead of for golfers.
This golf course is specially prepared for beginners.
Suitable for: Office, home, hallway, school, indoor driving range can be practiced, easy to store.
Marks left by hits can be easily removed with a stick.

Product information:

Material: plastic+SBR
Purpose: used for golf swing hit point detection

A: Training Mat x1+  Carabiner  x1+G olf Ground Spikes  x4

B: Training Mat x1+ Carabiner x1+Golf Ground Spikes x4+ Hook-and-Loop Fastener x1+ PU Balls x3

C: No glue between mat and base, Golf Ground Spikes x4,+Carabinerx1  

30x40 with accessories: No glue between mat and base, Ground Nail x1, Carabiner x1

Size and specification: A Package size: 28 * 8 * 8CM, unit weight: 265g

Packing list:

Cushion * 1 mountaineering hook * 1 floor nail * 1/ Cushion * 1 base * 1 climbing hook * 1 floor nail * 1

Portable Golf Training Mat.

SKU: CJJT1623012-1
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